Crazy For Kate

By Kelly McDonough

Samhain - April 2008

Contemporary Romance

Kate McKaye thought that Chris Shields set the standard for the perfect man. He was giving, a family man, great with kids, and very easy on the eyes. She remembered him from school, but he had been a bit shy, and always with his steady girlfriend. It had been a given that the two would marry and start a family. Instead, Chris was single, apparently interested in her, yet seemed a bit sad.

Chris had been devastated when his long time girlfriend had broken up with him when they found out he couldn't have children. Then, Kate had shown up in his path. They volunteered together for a church function, and Chris enjoyed the time he spent with her and her girls. He wanted to spend more time with them, and hoped that perhaps since Kate already had children, the fact that he couldn't give her more might not be a problem.

Crazy For Kate was a sweet romance of two lost people finding home together. Kate was recovering from a divorce from a man who hadn't wanted a family, and Chris was a man who desperately wanted a family, but feared he wouldn't ever have one. I enjoyed the characters, and the interaction with his family and the priest. However, the issue of Chris's problem dragged on, and should have been addressed earlier, or maybe the story should have been a bit shorter.

Kathy Andrico -