Double the Danger

Short Story in Double The Pleasure Anthology

By Penny McCall

Berkley Sensation - December 2008

Contemporary Romance

Dr. Abigail West had no idea of the shocks that she would receive when asked to autopsy the body of a John Doe. Opening the body bag and finding the man she had once loved should have been her biggest shock. Having him wake up and start strangling her proved to be an even greater one. Being attacked by a man with a gun and learning why Drake was in town was the biggest shock of all.

On the run with an assassin on their tail, Abby and Drake scour Pottersville searching for her grandfather. Drake is determined to keep Abby safe. Once he finds her grandfather and he can put them both somewhere secure, he plans to leave her again. What he doesn't expect is that leaving Abby a second time might prove even more difficult than the first.

Double the Danger was non-stop excitement. I laughed aloud at the interaction with the town and enjoyed the romance between Drake and Abby. I was a bit annoyed with how Drake ended their relationship so many years earlier, but he proved himself a worthy hero now.

Double the Danger is a short story in the Double the Pleasure anthology. Also included are Deuces Wild by Lori Foster, The Luck of the Irish by Deirdre Martin and Your Room or Mine? by Jacquie D'Alessandro.

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