Twilight's Kiss

By Marly Mathews

The Wild Rose Press - January 2007

Paranormal Romance

Sean Sutherland had been cursed to become the very thing he had hunted. For over three hundred years, he had sought to keep his sanity and the ever insistent urges that called to him. However, he continued to refrain from acting on his cravings. He was a vampire, evil. He was the same as those that threatened the members of his small community. Yet he was different. He did not drink the blood of a human, and he also had the hope of a prophecy that would save him.

Bridget Sinclair had come to Durness Village on a quest. She was a Huntress of Hell, powerful, a mighty warrior. She was also a princess of the fey. She has every intention of using Sean to help her in the fight against the vampire clans attacking the village. However, she also plans on destroying him before she leaves. Yet the more time she spends with him, the more of an enigma she finds Sean to be. He doesn't act like the other vampires, he seems to care for his friends and family, and he appears determined to believe that she will be his savior.

Twilight's Kiss was a paranormal story with so many elements - vampires, a curse, fairies and even elves. There is a large cast of characters that were fully developed, and that I worried about as the battle loomed. I adored the interaction between Sean and his several times removed niece Grace. She definitely kept him on his toes, and he adored her. The slow build up of the romance between Bridget and Sean was believable, especially considering Bridget thought all vampires should be destroyed, and Sean was uncertain whether Bridget was the answer to the prophecy. There were times that it felt as if the story jumped, and the ending does leave a couple unresolved storylines. Overall, I adored Twilight's Kiss and eagerly await what I hope will be a sequel or two.

Kathy Andrico -