The Promise

By Marly Mathews

The Wild Rose Press - November 2006

Paranormal Romance

Holly St. Christian didn't know who would play such a hoax, but she certainly hadn't planned on deceiving anyone. Someone claiming to be Nathanial Richardson had called her. He had invited her to come to Vermont for the holidays and visit his uncle, who had known her aunt and uncle.

Reminiscing with someone who had known her family sounded appealing, especially since otherwise she would be spending the holidays alone. But Holly wasn't sure if she could get off work. That roadblock, however, was unexpectedly removed.

It was her arrival in Vermont that held the greatest surprises. Nathanial claimed to have never contacted her. In fact, he had no idea who she was, and worried that she might be a stalker. None of that mattered though. Holly was determined to learn the truth of why she was there, and what had happened all those years before.

The Promise was a sweet romance of two people fighting the inexplicable forces that was drawing them together. Neither trusts the other, and both were resolved in finding out the truth of what was happening. As I'm learning to expect and enjoy from Ms Mathews, there was an extensive set of secondary characters that fully participated in the story. There were a couple decisions and assumptions made in the story that were abrupt, but overall, I can see definite promise for a successful future for this author.

Kathy Andrico -