Sweet Revenge

By Marly Mathews

The Wild Rose Press - June 2007

Regency Romance

Lady Carys Richardson hadn't cared much for the woman her uncle had married. Aunt Augusta never failed to belittle Carys, and now was quite upset with the announcement of Carys's engagement to the Duke of Penrose, Thomas Williams. Carys, however, was quite happy at finally being able to leave her aunt and start a new life. That was until she learned the truth about Thomas.

Thomas was always amazed the by depths of emotions Carys evoked in him. He loved her, and she entranced him. He was thrilled that they were to be married, and was certain Carys was as well. That is why when she asked him her question, he felt as if his heart had been ripped apart. She wanted to know why he had killed her brother. Yes, Thomas had been his commanding officer, and he suspected someone had killed him, but Thomas was not that man.

Now he had to make a decision. Not only did he have to figure out a way to convince the woman he loved that he was not a murderer, but he had to decide if he wanted to. If she could believe this of him, was there truly a future for them?

Sweet Revenge is a sweet story of a woman determined to honor her brother, but conflicted by emotions while set on her course. I adored Thomas, as he was a hero who was "oh-so-in-love" with his heroine. I also respected Carys for her desire to pursue this quest. I enjoyed the story, although I found the ending and the "discoveries" to be a bit implausible to all happen at once.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com