The Long Thin Veil

By Marly Mathews

The Wild Rose Press - October 2006

Paranormal Romance

It was the night of All Hallow's Eve, a special magical night, particularly for witches. Megan MacLeod was a witch, and should have been at home with her aunt preparing for that night. It was a night when the veil was removed, and people could interact with spirits and other magical creatures. But there were also evil spirits roaming, and potions to protect from them were needed.

But Megan had another duty that night. She had made a pact, a bargain of sorts. She had to leave her aunt, her village, and basically everyone and everything she cared about. She would have to go with a very powerful man though the veil.

Megan must honor her agreement with Tiernan Fairlove, yet she fears what will come of her. Tiernan is someone who deeply loves Megan but must overcome her animosity. This evening, Megan and Tiernan will have to face the evil invading the village, and resolve their new relationship.

The Long Thin Veil was a charming short paranormal about an evening full of adventure and new discoveries. Tiernan is a hero who loves his heroine, the type of hero I always adore. I also enjoyed Ms. Mathews take on this night.

Kathy Andrico -