With a Twist

Wild Hart Saga - Book 2

NY Blades Series - Book 9

By Deirdre Martin

Berkley Sensation - May 2009

Contemporary Romance

Reporter Quinn O'Brien had irritated Natalie Bocuse from the moment she met him. While working for her sister Vivi at Vivi's French bistro, Quinn would come in, tease, flirt, and completely annoy her. She put up with him, simply because "the customer is always right", but was looking forward to moving into the city, finding a new job, and never having to see Quinn again.

Unfortunately, Quinn made Natalie an offer she couldn't refuse. His parents needed a new waitress at the pub, and she needed a job. She accepted his help, but was appalled with the place. The food was horrible, the music not much better, and the customers were definitely not the type of people she would want to socialize with. Except, perhaps, Mason Clement. He was polished, enjoyed museums, and dressed much better than Quinn.

Quinn couldn't believe the arrogance of his boss, Clement. The pub was where Quinn and his co-workers came to unwind. Management went elsewhere. Especially management who had been brought in to overhaul the newspaper and fire Quinn's friends. He wasn't welcome, either at the pub, or to Natalie.

With a Twist seamlessly intertwines Ms Martin's Wild Hart and NY Blades series. We had met Natalie in Just a Taste, when Vivi and Anthony fell in love. We were also introduced to Quinn, and saw a hint of the sparks flying between him and Natalie. I enjoyed watching them muddle through their relationship, mishaps, and a little bit of snobbery to a very satisfying end.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com