Total Rush

NY Blades Series - Book 3

By Deirdre Martin

Berkley - March 2005

Contemporary Romance

Lighting some incense to allow herself to meditate, Gemma Dante had wanted an evening of peace and relaxation. What she hadn't expected was a four-alarm fire... or rather the consequences of the fire department arriving as if she did have a fire. Her incense wasn't that disturbing...was it? But the arrival of firefighter Sean Kennealy definitely was. His blue eyes matched the vision she'd had when she'd performed her love spell, yet she didn't match him. She was free spirited where he was clean cut. She was a witch, where he was a NY firefighter. She may want him, but if her family couldn't accept her, how could he?

Sean had never met anyone like Gemma. Different to be sure, after all, she made her apartment spell like a funeral parlor. But she was kind, funny, and he was definitely attracted to her. As they begin to get closer, can two people who are such polar opposites truly belong to one another?

Reading this book is like a family reunion, with characters that leap from the pages. First is the Dante family, a loud, sometimes insensitive, always around, Italian family introduced in Fair Play. Add in some New York Blade hockey (the fictional team created for this series), and the readers will be rooting for more.

Kathy Andrico -