Same Rink, Next Year

NY Blades Series - Book 5

Short Story in Hot Ticket Anthology

By Deirdre Martin

Berkley - May 2006

Contemporary Romance

It wasn't her typical behavior, but each year, for one night, Tierney O'Connor had amazing sex with someone who stayed at the hotel where she worked. Each year it was the same, David Hewson would give her his key, she would meet him in his room, they would spend the night together, and she would leave. They didn't discuss anything personal. In fact, it was the impersonal aspect of their, could it be called, relationship, that they both seemed to crave.

This year should have been the same, except a blizzard settled in, and Tierney was stuck in the hotel, as were the hotel guests. One night turned into two, and Tierney knew that as she and David begin to know a bit more of each other, this could be the end of the most amazing non-relationship she'd ever been in.

Same Rink, Next Year was a fun short story with engaging characters. I got a real kick out of David. He was the epitome of the superstitious goaltender - from the time to get up in the morning, to his pre-game workout. I also liked how he protected his time with Tierney. He felt that by discussing what they did with others, it would demean their time together. Since this was set during a blizzard in the hotel, the other guests and their situations also became an entertaining integral part of the story. Although this story does not include the New York Blades, who have been in her other stories, it will still satisfy readers who enjoy Ms Martin's hockey themed romances.

Same Rink, Next Year is a short story in the Hot Ticket Anthology which includes 4 stories. The other stories are Lucky Charm by Julia London, You Can't Steal First by Annette Blair and Can't Catch This by Geri Buckley.

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