The Luck of the Irish

Wild Hart Saga - Book 1

Short Story in Double The Pleasure Anthology

By Deirdre Martin

Berkley Sensation - December 2008

Contemporary Romance

Maggie O'Brien would have to be blind not to appreciate the physical features of Brendan Kelly. But that was the extent she intended to allow her appreciation to go. It wasn't just Brendan, but any man. Her disastrous marriage had made her leery of starting a relationship. After her first "non-date" with Brendan, she realized that Brendan was funny, someone she felt comfortable with, and she simply enjoyed spending time with him. This disconcerted her even more.

Brendan knew he had a decision to make, and the timing stunk. He had been in America for a decade, working for his uncle, knowing that when his uncle retired, the business would become his. Now, his brother wanted him to return to Ireland and work with him. Complicating the matter was the beautiful Maggie O'Brien.

With The Luck of the Irish, Deirdre Martin introduces her readers to her new Wild Hart Saga. Revolving around the O'Brien family that owns the Wild Hart pub, this series promises to be just as enjoyable as her Blades series. I loved the interaction between family members, and eagerly anticipate the next in the series.

The Luck of the Irish is a short story in the Double the Pleasure anthology. Also included are Deuces Wild by Lori Foster, Your Room or Mine? by Jacquie D'Alessandro and Double the Danger by Penny McCall.

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