Chasing Stanley

NY Blades Series - Book 6

By Deirdre Martin

Berkley - February 2007

Contemporary Romance

For Jason Mitchell, his dreams had finally come true. He was playing for the New York Blades. He was close to his brother, who played for Jersey, and he was looking forward to life in a big city. The only drawback was having an untrained Newfoundland who now had to transform himself from an unruly country dog, to a somewhat dignified city dog. Lucky for them both that they ran into Delilah Gould.

As a professional dog trainer, Delilah's services were in high demand. She had a waiting list of clients, but the poor dear Stanley needed immediate attention. Also, Jason's hockey schedule demanded that Stanley's training be made a priority.

Her decision had absolutely nothing to do with her possible attraction to Jason.

Deirdre Martin's romances revolving around the fictional hockey team the New York Blades have become a "Must Read" for me. I enjoy the interaction between characters, the excitement of the games, and the feeling of familiarity of being with friends. Ms Martin writes each story where we are able to revisit characters, while keeping the focus firmly on the current hero and heroine.

Kathy Andrico -