Breaking the Ice

Wild Hart Saga - Book 3

NY Blades Series - Book 10

Short Story in Double The Heat Anthology

By Deirdre Martin

Berkley Sensation - December 2009

Contemporary Romance

Lennie Buckley was new to New York, but she wasn't "New to New York." She hadn't meant to lie, but when the hunky Russian hockey player starts talking to her, she enjoys the flirtation. When she learns that he thought she was someone he had met online, well, she wasn't above not revealing the truth, at least not immediately.

Sebastian Ivanov had wanted to make a friend to see the sights while he played in New York. The fact that he inadvertently meets Lennie is simply fate. He enjoys his time with her, and they quickly become friends, and much more.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to reveal everything, he learns that unspoken truths can be very destructive.

Breaking the Ice was another fun addition to both of Deirdre Martin's series. It is always fun visiting with the Blades, and Lennie is the niece of one of the regulars at the Wild Hart pub. I adored Sebastian, and enjoyed watching him and Lennie fall in love. I was a bit annoyed with Lennie during the conflict, but, as always with Deirdre Martin, love triumphs.

Breaking the Ice is a short story in the Double the Heat anthology. Also included are Hart and Soul by Lori Foster, Double Booked by Elizabeth Bevarly and Original Zin by Christie Ridgway.

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