Shelter Me

Second Chance Ranch Series - Book #1

By Catherine Mann

Berkley Sensation - August 2014

Contemporary Romance

It wasn't going to be an easy assignment. He had been told he was to help a family though the loss of a loved one. Someone he too had loved. Colonel McDaniel had saved his life, but now the Colonel was dead. And Trooper, one intelligent shepherd mix, was leaving his country of birth to go live with the Colonel's family.

It hadn't been easy, and it definitely hadn't been a sanctioned assignment. None of that mattered because there had been no way that Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski was going to leave Colonel McDaniel's dog behind. He knew he’d get into trouble, but hopefully the goodwill from the emotional meeting would make his superiors' more lenient. Even if they weren't, it had been worth it. He was willing to risk anything for the man he had respected so much. Even more for the man's daughter.

Sierra McDaniel had known it wouldn’t be easy. Neither seeing the dog that her father had rescued while deployed, nor seeing Mike again. They didn't need any more distractions. None of them had fully grieved for their loss, none of them had the time. Her mother had turned their home into a shelter, and they all worked hard to help abandoned and abused animals. Troublesome neighbors were becoming even worse and repairs were needed everywhere. Then there was the General. Her dad's father who had Alzheimer's. She didn't need the added distraction Mike caused to her mental wellbeing, or her heart.

Trooper, however, had other ideas. No matter how far Mike went, Trooper followed. Soon, so many of their problems were solved with Mike staying with them to help around the place. The biggest problems though were the unresolved emotions between a man whose only career was military and a woman who had already lived that life - and didn't want to go through it any more. Regardless of what her heart said.

Shelter Me is an emotional romance with heart tugging moments on one page after another. First we have the loss of Colonel McDaniel. We meet him through Trooper's memories, and feel for all the McDaniels. Then there are the stories of the rescued animals. The most heartbreaking is watching the General. He fades in and out, and he knows that he has problems.

Catherine Mann is an exceptional storyteller, and I highly recommend every story I've read by her, Shelter Me is no exception. However, be sure to be prepared for a profound heart-tugger when reading it. And maybe have a few tissues handy.

Kathy Andrico -

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