There Goes the Bride

Runaway Brides Series - Book 3

By Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

Tule Publishing - May 2015

Contemporary Romance

Lindsey Ballard hadn't expected to call off her wedding, but she also hadn't expected to find her fiance in the arms of another. He had been her best friend, her dream come true, and now she was living another nightmare, and her only hope was an author hoping to do a tell all book on a beloved relative.

Myles Emory intended to write about music legend Lara Kane. He knew that there was more to her story than the world knew, but there were a few who could give key insights to Lara. One of them being her step granddaughter, Lindsey. He intended to try to get some time alone to interview Lindsey, but he never expected to help her in her get-away from her own wedding.

Settling back in Nashville as the Lara Kane Festival was set to begin, Lindsey had difficulties avoiding simply everything. She'd left Nashville to avoid her family, and nothing screamed being back home than fighting with your family. Then there was Myles. He was on a mission to find the truth about his mother's own place in history, a truth that could destroy a legacy. And a truth that could destroy the growing attraction between a runaway bride and a recent divorce. Two individuals recently wronged in love who were on opposite sides of a fight but now were falling in love.

There Goes the Bride is the third installment of the Runaway Brides series by authors Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock. Full of humor, There Goes the Bride is a fast paced romance full of colorful characters and a dash of mystery. What was this truth that Myles was trying to uncover, that his own mother didn't want revealed? And why was it so important to him that he would risk this new relationship growing between himself and Lindsey? I could somewhat understand Lindsey's reluctance to reveal the truth, but I did find it odd for Lara to have burdened her grandchildren with this knowledge. As with all stories I've read by either Ms Mann or Ms Rock, I truly enjoyed it.

Kathy Andrico -


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