The Wedding Audition

Runaway Brides Series - Book 2

By Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock

Tule Publishing - April 2015

Contemporary Romance

Some said it was pre-wedding jitters. Unfortunately, Annamae Jessup was certain it was more than that. And when she tried to get some advice, she inadvertently let everyone know her intentions to call off the wedding. Before she had the opportunity to tell her fiance.

And that was her life. Always in the spotlight due to her family being the stars of a reality television show. Yeah - like everything that was on the show was real. True, she had been engaged, but the fairy tale romance everyone believed in, Annamae had come to realize was just a show. She had loved him, but not enough for marriage.

So now everyone was on the hunt for Annamae as she tried to escape the spotlight for a little while. Learning about a recluse who had a carriage house available for rent? Well, she'd call that a little bit of ingenuity and maybe a teensy bit of eavesdropping. But it was the perfect hideaway.

Wynn Rafferty needed privacy - at least until he testified at an upcoming trial. Having a woman show up at his front gate who had her own paparazzi was not going to help his anonymity. But turning her loose to the wolves at the gate, if you will, was sure to expose him. Plus, it was obvious that she needed help, and that was his sworn duty.

The Wedding Audition was an entertaining addition to a new series by authors Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock. And these authors deftly prevented the romance from becoming overshadowed by the eclectic cast of secondary characters. The focus always remained firmly on Annamae and Wynn. I was entertained from cover to cover and look forward to more stories co-written by Ms Mann & Ms Rock.

Kathy Andrico -


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