His Pregnant Princess Bride

Bayou Billionaires Series - Book 1

Harlequin Desire #?

By Catherine Mann

February 2016

Contemporary Romance

His Pregnant Princess Bride is the first book in a series written by both Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock. The Bayou Billionaires series involves four brothers, so it would be recommended to read in order. The complete series is His Pregnant Princess Bride by Ms. Mann, His Secretary's Surprise Fiance by Ms. Rock, Reunited with the Rebel Billionaire by Ms. Mann and Secret Baby Scandal by Ms. Rock.

Gervais Reynaud had been intrigued by Princess Erika. She hadn't hidden her disregard for football - be it the American version, or the European soccer version. But her intellect and obviously athletic body showed she was more than just a mindless showcase. She was an intelligent woman who was making a place for herself in this world. And she made a place for Gervais for one amazing weekend, then had brushed him off when he later tried contacting her.

Princess-Captain Erika Mitras had joined the military, had a nursing degree, and had served as a diplomatic translator. She had plans for her future, and her family with their now defunct royal titles was not going to stop her. She had no intention of marrying like her sisters and having multiple children. But life and a weekend can cause consequences. Even with a man she had been ignoring for a few months.

Erika knew her duties, and knew that Gervais should know that he would soon be a father. What she hadn't expected were his convincing arguments that he truly hadn't been contacting her out of some sense of duty. Nor had she expected him to propose marriage. Erika was an independent woman, determined to never let anyone control her decisions. She would not just marry Gervais simply because she was pregnant.

His Pregnant Princess Bride was a sexy introduction to Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock's Bayou Billionaires series. The Reynaud family is an American royal family, with a strong foundation in football. Gervais has recently purchased a team, and is dedicated to making it the best. However, learning he is soon to be a father is just as important as this career. As is his dedication to Erika. It is obvious that he sees her as more than just a woman carrying his child, but Erika doesn't see it. Her past has made her hesitant to jump into a relationship where her plans are no longer possible. However, Gervais is persistent, and determined to prove that together, they can make plans for a future together, that includes variations of the plans they had both had apart.

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