The Baby Claim

Alaskan Oil Barons Series - Book 1

Harlequin Desire

By Catherine Mann

February 2018

Contemporary Romance

Glenna Mikkelson-Powers loved her work. She had loved her husband, and grieved his loss. What she didn't love, or like in the least, was when her business dealings made her interact with Broderick Steele. His family was the competitor. He was the enemy. Her parents had taught this well to her and her siblings. And she had honored these feelings, even after she and Broderick had spent a memorable weekend together when they were young. Now, she and an older, no less potent, Broderick faced a new truth that threatened to change everything.

Broderick couldn't believe what he and Glenna had discovered. Their families were now becoming one. The feud over. Their companies merging. Both he and Glenna held the same position in their respective family businesses, now one would lose their dream job. Even more shocking was when a baby was discovered. A child whose mother left it behind, without the knowledge of who the father was. It could be Broderick's, or another's. Glenna and Broderick needed to work together not only to care for the child while the paternity was confirmed, but also on the financials of making two companies one.

All while keeping their own reawakened passions in check.

The Baby Claim was a sparks flying reunion romance. Glenna and Broderick weren't the only ones with daggers in their eyes when it came to the other family. Now, after years of distrust and avoidance, they were all expected to make happy, not only with one another but also the fact that the dreams for their careers and the family businesses had evaporated like smoke. Their wishes had to be put aside, just as Glenna and Broderick and done with a relationship so many years earlier. Now, that chance was open to them once again.

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