How to Best a Marquess

The Widow Rules Series - Book 3

By Janna MacGregor

St Martin's - May 2023

Historical Romance

Julian Raleah, then the heir of the Marquess of Grayson, had been in love and had assurance of reciprocated affection. But then everything had fallen apart. Time hadn't healed his heart, but he was starting to succeed in his engineering endeavors, while struggling to save his inheritance.

Miss Beth Howell had once expected to marry Julian. Unfortunately, she had instead married, or rather been under the illusion of being married to, a man who tricked three women. She was ruined in the eyes of society, was making a modest living, but still at risk of another marriage forced upon her by her brother.

She needed to find out what Meri, her cad of a non-husband, had done with her dowry. His other two "widows" had received gifts Meri had left for them. But there was nothing for her. She intended to track where he had gone once he'd received her dowry to discover what happened to it, and there was only one person she trusted to help her.

How to Best a Marquess is a reunion story allowing two people who have always loved each other to finally work out their differences and fight for a future together. I enjoyed Beth's independence and Julian's dedication to his estate and her. However, I didn't see any reasonable explanation for Beth to insist only Julian could help her, and without a chaperone. I have found this to be a fascinating series to read, and will miss these characters.

Kathy Andrico -


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