Rules for Engaging the Earl

The Widow Rules Series - Book 2

By Janna MacGregor

St Martin's - May 2022

Historical Romance

Constance Lysander had needed a husband. She, and two other women, were all widows of the same man. Or at least the same man had claimed their dowries, staged weddings, and then died. She had been in the precarious position of also being pregnant. Luckily, she had a dear childhood friend who she had trusted would come and save her and her child by accepting her as his bride.

Jonathan Eaton, Earl of Sykeston, didn't want a wife. He had no need for society. He simply wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately for him, he had meddlesome staff who along with his new wife seemed to think things needed to change. He needed to change. But he had changed. He was no longer the earnest lad who had once loved Constance. War changed a man, and he knew it was best to keep his new wife at a distance.

Best for her. Best for him. Luckily, Constance was a woman who wouldn't let a man dictate what he thought was best for her.

Rules for Engaging the Earl is a best friends reunion story full of healing and romance. I enjoyed Jonathan's staff and their attempts to assist. Both Jonathan and Constance have challenges they need to face, and must learn that only together are they stronger. Now the second of Meriwether Vareck's three wives has found a husband. I am eager to see the last find her own Happily Ever After.

Kathy Andrico -


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