A Duke In Time

The Widow Rules Series - Book 1

By Janna MacGregor

St Martin's - July 2021

Historical Romance

Katherine Vareck's life did not change much after her wedding vows. She became Lady Meriwether Vareck, but as her husband left mere hours after their vows, she continued her life without him. His untimely death should have been the same, except she learned that she was not the only Lady Vareck. Or rather she was, but there were two unfortunate ladies who her husband had tricked into believing they had each married him. One was pregnant, both were facing ruin, and Katherine knew that she would help them.

As would Meriwether's brother, Christian Vareck, Duke of Randford.

Christian couldn't believe the mess his brother had left. His half-brother had made many bad decisions, but taking dowries and tricking women into sham weddings were beyond anything Christian could have anticipated. He didn't know how he could help these ladies, he was busy trying to help men returning home after fighting a war for their country but had no jobs or opportunities. He needed to focus on them, yet Katherine appeared to have made herself champion of the other two ladies and was determined another problem created by Meri was now his to solve.

A Duke in Time is an exciting introduction to a fascinating new series. A heroine who had married a man who had married at least two other women, that they know about. As the story of Meri's continued antics unravel, one might question Katherine's judgement in marrying him. However, her background, strength, ingenuity and care for others shines bright. Then there is Christian who is so caring and determined to help the men that others ignore. Together they are a force to be reckoned with, as is their romance. I look forward to the next two stories, which I assume are Meri's other two wives.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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