Wild, Wild Rake

The Cavensham Heiresses Series - Book 6

By Janna MacGregor

St Martin's - Mar 2020

Historical Romance

Lady Avalon Warwyk had wished to marry her cousin, but she had been forced to marry another. The only good that had come of her marriage had been her son, and an unlikely ally with her now deceased husband's mistress. She was quite content, and competent enough to run her own life and make appropriate decisions for her son, as well as his inheritance. Unfortunately, someone else had been made her son's guardian, and he had a poisoned opinion of her, and differing goals for her son. And he had just sent his brother, Devan Farris to spy on her.

A less likely vicar Avalon had never met. He had a wild reputation in society, tormented her, called her Lady Warlock, and had seen her at one of her lowest moments. She would be on her guard and would not allow him to undermine her.

Vicar Devan Farris didn't appreciate being sent to do his brother's bidding. However, he had no control of where he was sent. He hadn't cared for her after she jilted his friend, but he had witnessed a horrible scene with her husband, and seen her strength and fire. He enjoys sparring with Avalon, and knows she would be surprised that he begins to see a different side of things than his brother's point of view. However, that doesn't mean he is completely under Avalon's spell. He just plans to help her see a middle ground, both with his brother's valid plans for her son, and him as not quite so wild a rake, but rather the perfect match for her.

Wild, Wild Rake is a touching romance with a wily vicar and a fierce heroine. Avalon hadn’t thought much of Devan being a vicar, but as she sees him at work, she realizes there are facets of him she was unaware of. He truly cared, and had a knack for dealing with the challenges faced by the members of their community. Devan has only seen Avalon at her most unflattering moments in life which included hurting his friend. It was a true pleasure watching as they reveal their true selves, even that which they hide from others, and learn just how perfect they are for one another.

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