Rogue Most Wanted

The Cavensham Heiresses Series - Book 5

By Janna MacGregor

St Martin's - July 2019

Historical Romance

Lady Theodora Worth had spent the past several years taking care of her grandfather and the Ladykyrk estate. Her actions hadn't been simply out of obligation. She had loved her grandfather and hadn't wanted anyone to know how ill and confused he had become. Thea had taken over running the estate, maintaining the books, and making the decisions. She cared for the tenants and the land. She was now the Countess of Eanruig, as the title could be passed to a daughter, and Ladykyrk was hers to care for.

Only there was a challenger. Someone claimed that the title should follow only to male heirs, and she needed to find the charter. Unfortunately, in later years, her grandfather had taken to hiding things, and she had no idea where it might be. She had to go to London and plead her case. She was also told that having a husband would probably help. Luckily, a neighbor was willing to come to her aid and offered her nephew not only to assist, but also to be a potential husband.

Lord William Cavensham had failed at love, and now spent most of his time helping his family. When his aunt asks for him to assist her neighbor, he readily agrees, but has no intention of marrying her. Thankfully, Thea has no intention to marry the first man she meets either, and they fall quickly into a good friendship.

Unfortunately, Will soon realizes friendship is much less than he wants with Thea.

Rogue Most Wanted was a romance full of friendships, family and love. I adored how all the Cavenshams gathered Thea into their fold and supported her. Thea had been living mostly in seclusion and had only had a few confidants for so many years, and this was exactly what she needed. Will was the perfect hero, willing to be simply a friend, but it was obvious he was meant for so much more. The challenges Thea faced regarding her birthright was intriguing, and it was fascinating to see the differences of how a woman could inherit in her own right. I hope we get to visit the Cavenshams again soon.

Kathy Andrico -


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