The Bride Who Got Lucky

The Cavensham Heiresses Series - Book 2

By Janna MacGregor

St Martin's - November 2017

Historical Romance

Nicholas St. Mauer, Earl of Somerton kept to himself. He might make appearances in society, but there were few he called friend. Alex Hallworth was one, and by extension, Alex's family. In fact, he often found himself in the company of Alex's wife Claire's family, and there was one Cavensham whose presence he often sought out. Lady Emma Cavensham. Claire's cousin. Someone whom he had helped years earlier to avoid a scandal. A lady whose unorthodox views could cause havoc. A woman he was willing to step forward to help when she places herself once again in the midst of danger.

Emma was heartbroken. Her friend, her close friend, had needed her help, but Emma hadn't been there for her. Now Lena was dead, and Emma knew it was at the hand of Lena's husband. Oh, of course there was no explicit evidence, and he was wealthy enough, and had sufficient power, to remain in the ton, looking for his next victim. Emma was determined to find witnesses and evidence to bring justice for Lena. If her family wasn't willing to help her, she would do it herself.

And when she finds herself in yet another potential scandal, it is Nick who comes to her rescue. Emma doesn't need a man to marry to protect her honor, she needs a man willing to stand beside her and fight to help not only Lena's memory, but other women in her position.

The Bride Who Got Lucky was a wonderful read with a heroine who grew up in a big loving family and is passionate in her defense of women, and a hero who had lost his mother, was abandoned by his own father, and had been bullied. Nick doesn't trust people easily, but Emma is someone who has always been able to draw him out of his shell. I loved how Emma was determined to heal the wounds on Nick's heart, and how accepting Nick was of Emma and her beliefs. I considered Emma an intelligent woman, but I did find she sometimes acted with her heart, rather than her head, leading to some potentially dangerous, yet preventable, situations.

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