The Bad Luck Bride

The Cavensham Heiresses Series - Book 1

By Janna MacGregor

St Martin's - May 2017

Historical Romance

Alexander Hallworth, Marquess of Pembrooke, had one goal. The complete and utter ruination of a man who had once been his friend. He had accomplished most of what he wanted, but the final step was to end Lord Paul's betrothal and claim the bride as his own. Lady Claire Cavensham didn't deserve a scandal, and the fact that this would be her fourth failed engagement only helped him in his endeavor. He would simply step in and become her fifth fiance.

The Curse had struck again. She should have known, she should have been prepared for the possibility, but Claire was still stunned at the end of another betrothal. There could not be any way to overcome such a disaster, but then Alex appeared and seemed to be the answer.

Alex was caring, attentive, and once they were married, Claire began to think that perhaps they were a perfect match. These are two individuals who have been brought unexpectedly together, but fit perfectly. But just as all seems to be settling into a comfortable arrangement, the past makes a most unappreciated appearance.

The Bad Luck Bride is an all-around lovely romance. Full of passion, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, romance and a hero and heroine who embody those titles. Alex enters the story full of vengeance and pain, but with Claire, we see the depth of caring that he has. He is willing to go the distance to understand what had happened in Claire's past that made her the woman she is today. Claire wants to leave the curse in her past and embraces her position in her new household. She is not just a wife, but there are others relying on her. But that is not something new as she has always helped others. I must say that I am impressed that this is Ms MacGregor's debut novel. There is a depth of emotion in The Bad Luck Bride that is often missing in a new author's work. I look forward to the next Cavensham Heiresses story.

Kathy Andrico -