Midnight Kiss Goodbye

Short Story in Dead After Dark Anthology

By Dianna Love

St. Martin's - December 2008

Trey McCree's destiny had been decided at his birth. Unfortunately, it also dictated that he could not be with the woman that he loved. That didn't mean that he wouldn't protect Sasha Armand. After all, as a member of VIPER - Vigilant International Protectors Elite Regiment - protecting people was also part of his job.

Sasha needed to find Ekkbar, someone she hoped could help her sister. What she didn't realize was that there were powerful supernaturals at work, and Trey was one of them. It was why he had left her all those years before. Now with the truth between them, the question became would they be able to overcome the upcoming battles, both with the enemy, and for their love.

Midnight Kiss Goodbye was a fascinating glimpse into what I expect will be a new series by Dianna Love. Trey and Sasha were perfect for each other, both strong enough to battle enemies, but willing to accept their weakness for one another. I hope to visit this world again.

Dead After Dark Anthology contains Shadow of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon, The Story of Son by J. R. Ward, Beyond the Night by Susan Squires, and Midnight Kiss Goodbye by Dianna Love.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com