Bonded by Blood

Sweetblood Series - Book 1

By Laurie London

HQN - January 2011

Vampire Romance

Mackenzie Foster-Shaw had lost time. Somehow, she had returned home, but had no memory of how. She also suspected that danger lurked. Members of her family had disappeared without a trace through the years, and she knew that it was only a matter of time that she would be next.

Dominic Serrano had been temporarily reassigned to the Seattle office. He had no intention of staying, and as soon as he was allowed, he would leave. He was a Guardian, dedicated to protecting people from the Darkbloods - vampires who saw humans as prey and used them for their blood, in particular those with Sweetblood. Dom was just as susceptible to the lure of Sweetblood, but he protected those unlucky humans, the Sangre Dulce, whose blood enticed all vampires.

It wasn't just the fact that Dom needed to protect Mackenzie as she was Sangre Dulce, but something was brewing within the Darkbloods. Danger threatens, and it is up to all the Guardians to determine what the Darkbloods have planned, and how to save all the Sangre Dulce.

Bonded By Blood is an intense vampire romance that sizzles the pages and tantalizes readers with the promise of storylines yet to come. Dominic fights his attraction to Mackenzie, determined to keep her out of his world, while Mackenzie has always known that there is something about her family that has called out to danger. I enjoyed the romance and the fascinating group of characters who are all demanding to have their own stories told. I did think that the book should have been a little shorter, and at times Mackenzie was a bit too headstrong considering her situation. Overall, this is Laurie London's debut novel and her series promises to entice. I eagerly await Embraced By Blood which luckily will be released soon!

Kathy Andrico -


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