Snowy Night With a Highlander

Short Story in Snowy Night with a Stranger Anthology

By Julia London

Pocket - November 2008

Historical Romance

Lady Fiona Haines was in a bad situation. Or rather, her brother was. And it wasn't either of their fault. Her brother had been accused of adultery by the prince, with the princess. Now the king had sent Fiona to find her brother and tell him to hide until this all passed. It wouldn't be so bad except that Jack wasn't in Edinburgh as she had expected. Now she was going to have to ask the help of the one man she despised most.

Duncan Buchanan was as different from the man he once was as could be possible. At one time, mothers had wanted him for their daughters and he had been the envy of other men. He had also held no desire to marry or set up a nursery. He had lived life for the moment, not considering consequences, and it had almost killed him. Now Duncan was a shell of the man he had once been. His one arm was useless, and his visage was no longer handsome. But it was the changes inside him that were even more significant. Now, he yearned for a woman. A wife. Children. He longed for everything that he had once callously discounted, and he believed were no longer attainable.

Snowy Night With a Highlander was a touching romance of healing. I have a soft spot for masked heroes, and Duncan is hiding more than just who he is to Fiona. He was used to hiding in shadows to prevent others from seeing his scars. Duncan was a poignant hero whom I adored. Fiona had her own troubles to deal with, not only her brother, but her prejudices against the man Duncan once was. I really enjoyed watching the romance unfold between Fiona and Duncan. Do note that the ending is left with the expectation of a sequel.

Snowy Night With a Highlander is a short story in the Snowy Night With a Stranger Anthology. This is a wonderful anthology to get readers in the holiday mood. Included in this anthology are Jane Feather's A Holiday Gamble, and Sabrina Jeffries' When Sparks Fly.

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