War Bringer

Red Team Series - Book 6

By Elaine Levine

April 2016

Romantic Suspense

War Bringer is the sixth book in Elaine Levine's Red Team series. It is highly recommended to read this series in order, starting with Book 1, Edge of Courage. This review does contain spoilers to the previous books.

Kelan Shiozski had lived the life of a warrior. From his upbringing and culture, to his time in service, and now as a member of the Red Team trying to bring down international terrorists. He had dedicated his life to fighting these fights, knowing that one day he would find the one woman for him. The one who would claim his soul, and he would commit to with his family's tradition of the claiming ceremony.

And one day, he had found her. An innocent born into a world of monsters. He had brought her into the home that the team shared as they hunted the people who had no compunction of hurting any in their way. He hadn't claimed her, she had been too young, but now it was her twenty-first birthday.

Fiona Addison's life had turned upside down. She had been living a normal life, going to college. Then her mother had died, as had her stepfather. She found herself now living with a group of men and women, all who had become her new family, and all of them now faced danger. But there was one who was so much more. It was her twenty-first birthday, and she would finally know what it truly was to be Kelan's woman.

Only there were secrets that had been kept from Fiona. Secrets that would threaten to destroy all she holds dear. Somebody else knows it is Fiona's twenty-first birthday and has other plans for her.

Kelan and Fiona. Finally. They had both known an instant connection which had only grown through the other stories. But Kelan has his own set of rules, his own honor, and he had allowed Fiona the time he had set. Her twenty-first birthday. But of course nothing comes easy for the Red Team members, not when they are challenging a decades old, or possibly older, terror organization. The previous story had ended with Fiona's kidnapping. Now they must fight to survive and have a life together.

In War Bringer, readers see just how far Kelan is willing to go for the woman who is his heart and soul. This is an intense story, for Fiona is taken into the heart of the conflict and faces danger at every turn. Kelan is willing to leave the brothers he fights with to offer himself in order to do anything to save Fiona. I loved watching as they have to navigate the consequences of their experiences and how each and every one of the Red Team members is willing to step forward to help. I look forward to the next Red Team series story.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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