Assassin's Promise

Red Team Series - Book 5

By Elaine Levine

September 2015

Romantic Suspense

Assassin's Promise is the fifth book in Elaine Levine's Red Team series. It is highly recommended to read this series in order, starting with Book 1, Edge of Courage. This review does contain spoilers to the previous books.

The team knew there was a connection between the White Kingdom Brotherhood motorcycle club and the Friendship Community, and Greer Dawson had been assigned to contact a professor who was an expert on such groups. Upon meeting Dr. Remington Chase, Greer discovered an intelligent sexy woman he was definitely interested in, but Remi was nothing if not protective of her research and such communities. Greer was just as determined to find out why a young woman from the group had tried to kill his friend, as well as how a Christian pacifist community was connected to a group tied to illegal activities.

At first, Remi thought Greer couldn't have come at a worse time. She was being harassed by a group of people, her position at the university was precarious, and she was being granted access to a secluded community that very few people had access to. When the harassments grow into definite threats, Remi's view changes as Greer and his teammates save and protect her. Remi's past kept her from becoming close to others, but as she works with Greer, Remi learns that maybe she would be able to break free of the scars from her childhood.

Assassin's Promise is an intense read from beginning to end. I enjoyed learning about Remi and the challenging childhood she endured. It is quite obvious how it impacted her. Not only her focus on studying cults and secluded communities, but her own lack of committed relationships. It was entertaining to see her take on the growing Red Team "family". I enjoyed the romance between Remi and Greer. The continuing mystery of how the motorcycle club and Friendship Community takes a dark turn that will surprise readers. I am eager to see where the Red Team series leads us next.

Kathy Andrico -

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