Ty & Eden

Red Team Series - Book 4.5

By Elaine Levine

February 2015

Romantic Suspense

Ty and Eden is a novella in Elaine Levine's Red Team series. It involves the wedding of the couple from Shattered Valor, but it is highly recommended to read this series in order, starting with Book 1, Edge of Courage. This review does contain spoilers to the previous books.

Ty was eager to marry Eden, but there was one thing he needed to do first. He had already cleared his father's name, now Cord Ryker has been exonerated for a crime he hadn't committed, and Cord was being released from prison. Ty wanted to meet his father, try to start the foundations of a relationship, and find out what information Cord could provide him and his teammates in their continued investigation against their target.

Eden is happy with starting her life with Ty. She isn't happy to have her family come to the wedding. Or at least she could be happy with them there if they behaved themselves. Her parents were divorced and remarried (several times in fact), but the four of them could be a handful. They didn't trust Ty or what they considered her rush to marry him. Essentially, they didn't trust her.

The primary purpose of the novella Ty and Eden is to continue the overriding story arc in Elaine Levine's Red Team series. It is sweet to see Ty and Eden commit to each other, and hilarious to watch the team try to handle her family. Most moving though was watching Cord as he tries to assimilate into society. I enjoyed this short story and eager to see what comes next.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

FTC Disclaimer: I did receive a copy directly from Elaine Levine. However, this website only posts "good" reviews. If I cannot post a positive review, I notify whoever has provided me with the book/ARC/ebook.