Best Friends, Secret Lovers

The Bachelor Pact – Book 1

Harlequin Desire #?

By Jessica Lemmon

February 2019

Contemporary Romance

There had been many changes through the years, but the one steady constant had been Flynn Parker and Sabrina Douglas's friendship. They had been best friends while there had been boyfriends for Sabrina. The same could be said for Flynn, even when he had married, Sabrina had been part of his life.

It was good having friends he could count on, especially now. His father had passed, his wife had left him, for his own brother, and the staff of the company he had inherited from his father were revolting against him. He had no intention of abiding by their dictates that he take a leave, except Sabrina said it would be good and she would take a vacation with him.

What should have been genuine fun and relaxation with his closest friend became something more. First, after they have a kiss. Later, when they realize that perhaps the only reason they'd never moved further than friends had simply been a matter of timing. But now the timing was right for something more. Except for the little thing known as the Bachelor Pact.

Flynn was determined to never again marry, and Sabrina knows that she wants it all.

I’m a sucker for best friends romances, and enjoy even more when there are meddling friends. Best Friends, Secret Lovers has both. Flynn and Sabrina aren't simply two best friends, they are two members of a group of four. The other two, Gage and Reid, are part of the Bachelor Pact, a definite sore subject for Sabrina. I enjoyed how they all cared for one another and Sabrina, Gage and Reid were determined to make Flynn wake up to the fact that he was turning into his father, which was not a compliment. It will be interesting to see how both Gage and Reid each find their own woman and break the pact.

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