Short Story in Pets in Space Anthology

By Alexis Glynn Latner

October 2016

Science Fiction Romance

Ten Jaxdown had been in a state of numbness since coming out of cryostasis. If going to sleep and arriving at a different planet hadn't been unnerving for someone, the unexpected delays and battles had caused centuries to pass as they headed for a different destination. But Ten's numbness had helped him weather the shocking truth better than others. In fact, he was hard at work on his botswarm, rather like a swarm of robot bugs, each with their own function.

And it was his botswarm that was the interest of Anastasia Steed. A young woman determined to get everyone to help on a rescue mission. From the moment he watched her impassioned speech directing others to focus on finishing their assignments for a successful mission, Ten's numbness began to thaw. And the time he spent with Stasia, Ten began to find an interest in something more than just his botswarm.

Spike was a fun science fiction romance with fascinating world-building, a sweet romance, and Spike, Stasia's pet which is perhaps the most unique pet I have ever read about. The history of Ten's arrival to this time and place was a bit cumbersome, which made me wonder if perhaps this might be part of a series. And based on her website, I am happy to say that it apparently is.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com