The Mage's Daughter

A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms - Book 2

By Lynn Kurland

Berkley Sensation - January 2008

Epic Fantasy Romance

The following review assumes that the reader has read Star of the Morning, the first book in the Nine Kingdoms trilogy, and does contain spoilers for that book.

Miach of Neroche felt conflict. It was his duty to aid his king and, as archmage, to protect the kingdom from the insidious continual assault eroding his protective spells. Yet he was torn, he wanted, no, he needed to be with Morgan. The last he had seen her; she had been grievously ill after taking a poison. Although he had sent her with the one person he believed could save her, he still needed to stretch his mind and check on her.

When he can't find her, Miach immediately deserts his post at Tor Neroche and heads straight for Morgan, or at least where she had been last. Miach would follow Morgan anywhere, even to the one place where he would lose a part of himself.

Morgan was weak. She could admit that. She was mad, there was no question. She felt betrayed. What Morgan wouldn't face were the softer feelings Miach had made her feel. Instead, she retreated to the one place certain to drive all thoughts of a certain mage from her mind. She would spend her days healing and fighting. What she never anticipated was that Miach would brave these gates, and those around her. She also couldn't determine exactly why he was here. Was it to wield the sword that she had destroyed? Or could there be more?

And there is more. Much more. There are a growing number of enemies, and Miach is showing the strain of spending so much of his time reapplying the spells of protection. However it is the truth of her past that Morgan must now face, but at least she has Miach to stand by her side.

The Mage's Daughter is a thrilling continuation in the Nine Kingdoms trilogy. I would say that this book does not stand on its own. It continues the story of Miach and Morgan, and delves into the legends of the past and how those legends hold the answers to the possibilities of successfully triumphing over the evil spreading across the land. I am completely engrossed with this series, and a bit upset that it is sure to be awhile until the final story. I eagerly await that book.

Kathy Andrico -