The Duke Can Go to the Devil

Prelude To a Kiss Series - Book 3

By Erin Knightley

Signet Eclipse - July 2015

Historical Romance

If there was one thing Mei-li Bradford knew, it was that she wanted to return home. Sailing the seas, with the exotic scents, tropical heat, and countries only read about by those proper English. She longed to leave the strict confines of English society, their bland clothing, insipid propriety, and tendencies to not speak the truth. The only bright spot in the dull English town of Bath was the music festival. She'd enjoyed the events, but mostly because she'd befriended two dear friends. Two friends who had now found their own loves, and were hoping, in what May told them was in vain, that May would find a love of her own and stay in this blasted country.

As the days of the festival waned, May looked forward to returning home. Then she met him. William Spencer, the Duke of Radcliffe. A man who stood for almost everything she found wrong with this country. How could a chance birth make everyone kowtow to one individual regardless of how rude, pompous, and truly undeserving he may be.

Not that she found the Duke unkind. In fact, unlike how he treated her, which was exceptionally rude, she saw signs of extreme consideration. He represented so much that May resented, yet she found him intriguing, fascinating, and attractive. But regardless of all that, he also stood firm on conforming to rules, and May could not be anyone other than who she was.

Even for the Duke

The Duke Can Go to the Devil was an exceptional ending to Erin Knightley's Prelude to a Kiss series. With an unconventional heroine and strictly conventional hero, the sparks, both verbal and non-verbal, fly from the moment they meet. I loved watching both of them learn the heart of one another, and see that underneath the roles they presented to the world, they were a perfect match. I am truly sad to see the end of this trilogy, but am certainly thrilled to know that it isn't completely at an end as there is a glimpse into the next book with someone familiar.

Kathy Andrico -

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