Space Ranger

Prophecy Series

Short Story in Pets in Space Anthology

By Lea Kirk

October 2016

Science Fiction Romance

Graig Roble had a position, responsibility. He knew he would not be able to stay on Earth, that he would someday leave, and he had never hidden that fact. But while he was on Earth, he had met Simone Campbell, they had made a life together, found a dog together, but knew that they wouldn't have a future together.

Simone had to stay on Earth and use her expertise to help her people. She had known she would stay behind when Graig eventually left. She may have hoped that things would turn out differently, but that was a fanciful dream when Graig left

Space Ranger is a romance of two people who love one another, but must face being apart to realize how much they need to be together. It is obvious that this is part of a series, and I would assume that their introduction and courtship appears in a previous story. I think that readers of the Prophecy series will be thrilled to see the resolution of Graig and Simone's romance. For readers who haven't read the series, I think it might have been beneficial if pieces of their story up to when Graig has to leave had been included. Overall, I enjoyed the story, found the characters engaging, and would be interested in visiting this world again.

Kathy Andrico -