Her One Desire

By Kimberly Killion

Zebra Books - July 2008

Historical Romance

Lizbeth Ives had lived in the shadow of her father's occupation. He was the Lord High Executioner. He was the one who killed enemies of the crown. Many feared her, as if she too were tainted. But Lizzie lived her own life in fear. So many deaths were not punishment of treason. Instead they were meted out by Lord Hollister, a truly evil man who had destroyed Lizzie's family, and who Lizzie now had proof was threatening the throne of England. Determined to provide this evidence to the Duke of Gloucester, Lizzie escapes from the Tower of London, inadvertently freeing a prisoner as she does so.

Broderick Maxwell needed to return to Scotland immediately. Delivering a young woman to one of his greatest enemies could be the riskiest move he would ever make. Knowing that the information she had could aid Scotland made his decision even more difficult. But there was something about Lizzie that made Broc become her champion and put her desires to set things right before his own.

Treachery, treason, and passion abound in Her One Desire, the debut novel by Kimberly Killion. Broc was the perfect hero to pull Lizzie out of her shell and into a woman his equal. I loved watching their romance progress. Her One Desire weaves historical fact into a fascinating romance of intrigue and a race to protect Lizzie's family, as well as that of the English crown. It is set during a period of history which still puzzles historians. Was King Edward IV murdered? What happened to his two sons, the princes? Was there a plot to kill all of them? Ms Killion has woven her own take on these questions into a touching romance sure to please.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com