Sweet Wild Of Mine

Where the Wild Hearts Are Series - Book 2

By Laurel Kerr

Sourcebooks Casablanca - June 2019

Contemporary Romance

Magnus Gray wouldn't have chosen a zoo in a small town to be the basis of his newest project. He preferred to live in anonymity in a large city, but it was his first books which had been based on his experiences of the small island of his childhood that had been the big sellers. His publisher wanted him to go back to his roots, or close to it. A small zoo in Sagebrush Flats was becoming an internet sensation, and he had been sent there to volunteer and find inspiration for what would hopefully be another best seller. He intended to interact mostly with the animals and avoid the human residents.

June Winters wasn't used to people pushing her away. She was cheerful. She was friendly. After living all over the world as a military brat, she had settled in town, took care of her ailing grandmother, and simply enjoyed all the visitors and regulars who came into her shop. Everyone liked her. All except the gruff Scott who rebuffed her at every turn. June was nothing if not persistent, and she was determined to work her magic on Magnus. Magnus grudgingly accepts her help with a project for his next book, and June quickly realizes that she is falling for the man. Unfortunately, Magnus has no intention of staying in the same type of small town he had once before escaped, and June had finally settled into the only place she would call home.

Sweet Wild Of Mine was exactly what I was hoping for, full of romance, emotion, friendships and the entertaining antics of the zoo's residents. Both human and animal. June was the perfect heroine to break through Magnus's gruff exterior, and it was wonderful to see him become more open. Sweet Wild Of Mine is a great addition to Laurel Kerr's Where the Wild Hearts Are series, and I eagerly await more.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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