Wild On My Mind

Where the Wild Hearts Are Series - Book 1

By Laurel Kerr

Sourcebooks Casablanca - October 2018

Contemporary Romance

If Katie Underwood had known when she had called to report abandoned cougar cubs that Bowie Wilson would be the man to come to help, well, she would still have called. She couldn't have neglected the helpless creatures, regardless of the pain Bowie had caused in her past. Bowie and his girlfriend had made her high school years miserable. But she was an adult now, a bigger person, and while she might never forget what he had done, she would help the cubs, and she would use the business opportunity he could offer to help herself find her dream job in a big city.

Bowie had made several bad choices in his life, but his most important decision he ever made was to be the best dad he could be. Luckily, an older couple had come to his aid, and he had joined them at the zoo. Working. Raising his daughter. And now he was director of the small zoo. They weren't accredited, he wasn't college educated, and attendance was low. Having Katie's help in updating their website and her inspired ideas for increased attendance was more than he could ask. Especially given their history. He had made poor choices in his past and hurt her, but he intended to show her that the man he was now wasn't the boy he had once been.

From the moment I started Wild On My Mind, I could not put it down. I loved everything about it. There was the closeness of Katie and her family, but I absolutely adored the relationship Bowie had with his daughter and Lou, the man who had turned his life around. I loved the setting of being in the zoo and the various animals they took care of. It was fascinating to see what Katie would come up with next to generate interest in the zoo. Most important was the issue of bullying. This truly was a romance between the bully and the geek. Bowie had been horrible to Katie when they were younger, and there are so many ramifications from their past. This was the first book in new author Laurel Kerr's Where the Wild Hearts Are series.

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