Unleash the Night

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 15

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press - January 2006

Paranormal Romance

The death of her friend and study partner Nick Gautier had sent Marguerite D'Aubert Goudeau and the rest of her study group to the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary had been a favorite hangout of Nick's. Inside, she found a mouthwatering display of males. The waiters, customers, all the men were in their prime. But it was the intensity of the quiet one with the monkey that gave Marguerite a prickle of awareness. He was obviously Wren, the quiet one Nick had spoken of.

An outcast to all, Wren Tigarian should not have been born. Both tiger and leopard, Wren had found solace at Sanctuary. But the peace he had found was shattered with the arrival of Marguerite - or Maggie as Nick had referred to her. Maggie suited her better, but he knew that he would not, could not suit her at all. Not only was she an outsider to his kind, Wren knew that he did not deserve Maggie.

Drawn to Maggie, Wren turns to her when injured. Then realizing he has put her in danger, Wren is willing to give up without a fight. Maggie is not. She may be new to this Were-Hunter world, but Maggie isn't willing to give up Wren. She will go any distance to protect him - and does.

Wow. So much new information presented in this book about the Were-Hunters, and yet another enigmatic character Savitar. Characters we have considered friends are now enemies. Families are torn apart. Greed is rampant in this world as much as it is in the human sphere. I knew Wren would be a phenomenal hero when he was first introduced, and this book delivers a worthy heroine. Can't wait for the next Dark Hunter!

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com