Dark-Hunter Series - Book 51

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Tor Books - August 2018

All Dark Hunter books are tied to one another. However, as Stygian encompasses over ten thousand years, as well as many scenes from previous Dark Hunter books, it, as well as this review, has many spoilers to those previous books.

Readers might think they know Urian's story. An ancient. Son of Stryker. Former Daimon and killer of humans. Husband to Phoebe... widower of Phoebe. Now enemy of Stryker and Daimons. But that barely scratches the surface.

In Stygian, readers are transported back in time. We see the dawn of the curse of the Apollites, and the beginnings of Daimons. Urian grows up with a loving family, parents he adores, and siblings he might fight with, but whom he cherishes.

Life isn't easy for Urian, and like all Apollites, he has a very young life expectancy. He has to choose between an excruciating young death, or turning Daimon where he will have to kill humans to survive. After his experiences with humans, Urian doesn't really see much of a dilemma in that decision.

Without going into more details, Stygian is a fascinating look at the history of the Apollites, Daimons, Styker and Urian. Although readers know that Urian is now on the good side, it is difficult to see him as a hero considering everything he has done, for millennia, and the only reason he did switch sides was for revenge on his father.

Kathy Andrico -