Son Of No One

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 42

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - September 2014

Josette loved her family, but she knew she was one of the few bits of normalcy in the group. She had thought she'd done everything right, gotten the education, the career, the husband. Now she was jobless, husbandless, and well, she still did have her education. Although how that would help in the only job her psychic cousin had helped her find, she didn't know. But it was easy money, and Jo needed the money. She just had to be the cameraman for a paranormal show. Easy money. She wouldn't be scared off like her predecessors. Nothing would prevent her from earning her fees, except maybe falling through the mirror into a dark, gray, world filled with fast moving zombies.

Cadegan wasn't sure what to think of the woman he'd found. She obviously didn't belong here, and he intended to return her as soon as possible. She didn't deserve to be sentenced to the same prison he'd been abandoned to. Jo's laughter, kindness and passion are an allure he cannot resist, but his first priority must be to aid in her escape. Regardless of any future punishment he might endure.

Son of No One was one fast paced romance teeming with action, adventure and romance. Jo's relationship with her family is endearing. She has never hidden her disbelief, but she completely embraces them all, as they do her. However she quickly realizes that her "normalcy" was actually the abnormal. The paranormal was all around, and she was now right in the heart of it with Cadegan. Despite his fierce battle persona, Cadegan was truly a gentle, humble hero determined to do anything to save Jo. Jo was equally fiercely protective of him. Of course, it will take friends new, old, and ancient to save the day. Son of No One will leave readers eager for the next Dark Hunter installment.

Kathy Andrico -


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