Shadow Fallen

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 53

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Tor - April 2022

Ariel had simply done her job. She was neither mortal nor human with their associated frailties and emotions. She was an Arel. She simply approached those who had died, and offered them a choice. It had not been her fault or choice that they had died, yet she was being blamed for it. She had been cursed, and now was mortal with mortal feelings and limitations. The only escape from this savage place was to fall in love herself, then watch the one she loved die.

Then with the pain and disorientation of being pulled into the mortal world, Ariel loses her memory. Of what she is, who her enemies are, and the consequence of falling in love.

Valteri had been cursed his whole life, but his was just a chance of birth. He had two different colored eyes. Most were afraid to look at him, others had taken the opportunity to abuse him as a child. Now, he was a feared warrior, half-brother to William, who had just invaded and now ruled England. Valteri wanted to leave, but William had just made him lord at Ravenswood Hall with ever more responsibilities. With the arrival of Ariel, Valteri was shocked by her reaction to him, or rather her lack of reaction. She looked at his face without flinching. She turned to him instinctively.

As pieces of Ariel's memory returns, their love has already grown.

Shadow Fallen is another piece of the Dark Hunter web of interconnected stories. However, it can be read on its own. I enjoyed watching as the relationship between Ariel and Valteri grew and they both overcame their pasts. The various characters were interesting, as were the glimpses into their situations. Overall, this was a historical paranormal romance readers can enjoy.

Kathy Andrico -


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