Seize the Night

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 12

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press - January 2005

Paranormal Romance

Alone. He had never fit in with his family. Alone. The Dark Hunters and squires avoided him. Alone. That is all Valerius Magnus ever expected to be. After all, he was born Roman, enemy to the Greeks. He had betrayed his family, by not being heartless, and any that he had tried to help had ended up hurt. He had learned to keep to himself, and keep others away.

Then Tabitha Devereaux had, quite literally, stabbed into his life. She was quite unlike anyone that he had ever met. She was chaos to his order, and yet he was powerless against the ties that were drawing him to her. Yet there were secrets that she was keeping, people who would NOT like the idea of their mortal, or rather immortal, enemy keeping company with her. But there are enemies and evil worse than a Dark Hunter feud, and Tabitha appears to be their target.

Wow. This one really packs a wallop that will hit the fans of the Dark-Hunter series hard. Ms Kenyon has further developed this series to a point where this reviewer recommends that any new reader to the Dark-Hunters should start at the beginning (Fantasy Lover). Ms Kenyon has also pushed the boundaries of what traditional romance readers can expect - so DH fans, pick up a couple of tissues before starting this one - you'll need them.

Kathy Andrico -