Second Chances

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 14

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - July 2005


Disclaimer - Fiction - Not Romance

Short story initially as a pamphlet, also at the end of The Dark-Hunter Companion.

This story is primarily a scene involving Acheron and Styxx. Styxx is physically Acheron's twin. However, the truth is that Acheron was the child of the gods, whose life became intertwined with Styxx.

Styxx had treated Acheron terribly. Now, he is sentenced to Tartarus reliving Ash's memories.

Second Chances is a short story where Acheron must make a decision to give Styxx a second chance. We know Ash to be a good man, but Styxx's treatment of him had been horrendous. We are given a glimpse into Ash's past, and it only makes me crave Acheron's story all the more.

Kathy Andrico -