Santa Wears Spurs

Short Story in All I Want For Christmas Anthology

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Originally published as Kinley MacGregor

St. Martin's - November 2000

There had only been one piece of good in O'Connell’s life, and he'd had to give her up. He had learned he couldn't escape his past. But she was always on his mind. Always in his heart. He had dark marks on his soul, and he allowed his brother Pete to get away with too much, but stealing money from orphans was one step too far. He'd get the money back to them. And maybe he could finally escape Pete.

Catherine O'Callahan couldn’t claim to be a widow. Her husband could be alive. She just knew he'd left without a word. After being everything she'd wished for in a husband, he'd left without a word. Suddenly, he was back, but his appearance created more questions than answers.

Santa Wears Spurs was a reunion historical western romance set at Christmas. These two have a tremendous amount of issues they need to resolve - forgiveness, the truth, and whether O'Connell can truly escape from his past. Readers will enjoy following this couple as they finally reach their HEA.

Kathy Andrico -


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