Dark-Hunter Series - Book 34

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - August 2011

Jess Brady was just settling in after relocating to Las Vegas when the news hit. Dark Hunters were being killed. While death was always bad, for a Dark Hunter, it was worse. After all, they had already died, and they had given up their souls in exchange for vengeance. Now, they lived in a hidden world protecting humans from the nightmares that roamed the night. At least, it used to only be the night, because the enemy was suddenly able to walk in the sun - an advantage that the Dark Hunters lacked.

That would have been tough enough for Jess to deal with, but then he learned who was stalking Dark Hunters. Abigail Yager, the child, now woman, he had known years before. The daughter of a friend who had been murdered, and who now stalked the streets searching for the enemy of her new family.

Abby had been rescued by Apollites after Jess had killed her family. They had become her family, and she learned how the Dark Hunters hunted Apollites and humans. She dedicated herself to protecting all of them, and finding her own vengeance against Jess.

But she was captured. Jess protected her from the others, but he wouldn't protect her from the truth. Her life had been filled with lies, or at least distortions of the truth, and she had to live with the fact that she had taken innocent lives, or at least not the lives of monsters. If she couldn't forgive herself, how could Jess ever do so?

Retribution is another action packed, fast paced romantic adventure that will leave readers eager for more. The conflict between the hero and heroine is intense - after all, Abby's been successful in killing Dark Hunters, Jess's friends - or at least, associates. But Jess also knows about betrayal, and how lies can distort good intentions. It was entertaining visiting with some characters from the past, but each visit was too short. Actually, this story mostly consists of new characters and storylines. In fact, except for the fact of what Jess was, and who he initially was hunting, it almost isn't a Dark Hunter book - there is a new pantheon introduced, new enemies, and new challenges. It stands pretty much on its own, and a reader who may have missed any book since Acheron could probably read this one without any problems.

Kathy Andrico -


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