One Silent Night

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 27

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press - November 2008


Disclaimer - Fiction - Not Romance - per the Publisher

Stryker had many purposes, kill Acheron and Nick, continue his war with the Dark-Hunters and humans, and wreak vengeance on his father who had cursed the Apollites. He finally had the solution to all these problems, and that was to release War.

Learning that in the end, War would also kill him, Stryker didn't really care. He had come to a point in his existence where he was basically apathetic to such a thing. That was until he was attacked by Zephyra. Learning that the woman he had married when they had been children was still alive, and had bore him a daughter he had never known about, changed his outlook. He wanted to survive, both War and Phyra.

Zephyra had hated Stryker for millennia. She was more than willing to obey the request to kill him. However, they had bigger issues to address, and her vengeance could wait. She could be patient. But she also couldn't discount the evidence that perhaps Stryker did regret their past.

One Silent Night was a fast-paced entertaining read with a vast array of fascinating characters and is a pivotal moment for the Dark-Hunter world. It was intriguing to see members of the "other side". Previous books have all focused on heroes, whereas Stryker is decisively a villain. After all, in a previous story, Stryker actually killed his son. So, it was a bit difficult for me to be at all excited in his finding happiness. However, I was riveted to this story. I wanted to know about these characters, and the Daimons. Still, I found myself more interested in the further development of both Nick and Ash's stories.

Kathy Andrico -