Night Pleasures

Dark-Hunter Series - Book 4

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press - October 2002

Paranormal Romance

Amanda Devereaux was the only "normal" one in her family. She wanted to have a traditional boring life, but her eccentric family - which included one sister who was "Madame Selena" reader of fortunes and another sister who was a vampire hunter - never allowed that to happen. When she goes to her twin's house one night, she finds herself kidnapped and handcuffed to none other than a vampire. Amanda quickly found herself thrust into a life that was anything but boring. Until she and her twin were safe, she would be spending time with this fine specimen of a man, who luckily was not a vampire but rather a vampire-hunter himself, and whom she wouldn't mind being handcuffed to in a bed.

Centuries ago, Kyrian of Thrace had made an agreement to give up his soul to become a Dark Hunter. He would live forever, protecting humans from vampires, but while being an outcast himself. He had never regretted his decision to become a protector until he met Amanda. Then he lived with the realization of what he could never have. He had once before sacrificed everything for a woman, and he didn't think he had the ability to do so again.

A follow-up to Fantasy Lover, Night Pleasures is the beginning of Sherrilyn Kenyon's new Dark-Hunter series. We are introduced to the world of the Dark-Hunters, and meet intriguing characters who are screaming for stories of their own. There are goddesses poofing in and out, other Dark-Hunters who come to the rescue, and squires who act as Dark-Hunter gofers (and sometimes the biggest busybodies...) This is definitely a series I anticipate continuing to read!

Although it is not necessary to have already read Fantasy Lover, it does make the book all the more enjoyable to visit friends we've met before.

Kathy Andrico -