Born of Vengeance

The League Series - Book 12

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - February 2017

This story is part of the League series, and spans several years. It reveals certain secrets behind events in other books in the series, and as such, does contain spoilers for the previous stories. However, it can be read on its own.

Bastien Cabarro had been living a good life. He had money, good career, better looks, and was born into royalty. He might fight his siblings and family, but would always fight for them. And then he had met the love of his life. Major Ember Wyldestarrin. It had been instant, and mutual. But it had also caught the wrath of Ember's younger, spoiled sister Alura. But it hadn't only been Alura who wanted to separate Bastien and Ember. There was another enemy waiting in the wings to destroy Bastien's entire life.

Thus begins Bastien's back story. Bastien had already been introduced in the League Series after his life had become shambles and he was outcast and alone. Luckily, he had training, and vengeance burned bright. Vengeance to find those who had brought so much pain and death. Vengeance to avenge those who had meant everything to Bastien.

Born of Vengeance isn't a romance in the traditional sense with the overriding story arc being the relationship development of Bastien and Ember. Instead, their romance is fast at the beginning, then lies and betrayals tear them apart with years of only pain and vengeance keeping them strong. Bastien's story has always been intriguing and readers will certainly be pleased to see him finally find his resolution.

Kathy Andrico -


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