Born of Betrayal

The League Series - Book 10

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's - November 2015

Fain Hauk had known that seeing his ex-fiancee would be awkward. He even expected Galene Batur to shoot him upon first sight, and she did. They had been betrothed as children, and they had become close. Friends, and then lovers. Then he had betrayed her in the most brutal of ways, leaving her, his family, his heritage for a human. Galene didn't know the reasons behind his actions, and Fain knew he deserved her antagonism.

Galene could concede that she might have slightly overreacted upon seeing Fain for the first time in decades. But his actions had changed her life irrevocably. Her dreams had died, and she had been disowned. But she'd had their son, and for that, she would never have any regret. She might not want to work with Fain, but she had been asked to work with him in the war against the League.

The fate of the Ichidian Universe rested in their ability to work together. And as Galene works with Fain, she sees the man she had once loved. Still loved, if she was honest with herself. Loyal, dedicated, reliable. She knew her side of their story, but Galene soon realizes that she might not have known the entire story of Fain's side.

In the League series, Fain has been a character who has leapt from the pages, caring for his family, loyal to his friends, a hero to all, and in Born of Betrayal, he finally reclaims his one heroine. Readers might think they know Fain's past, but like Galene, they only have seen parts of it. Full of action, betrayals, suspense, and romance, Born of Betrayal is a dynamic addition to Sherrilyn Kenyon's League series.

Kathy Andrico -


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